Frequently Asked Questions

In the section below we'll try to answer some of the questions you might have about Hellmann's.

  • There are many delicious recipes you can use Hellmann’s with. It is a surprising ingredient used in starters, main courses and even desserts, and makes your food taste even more enjoyable and exciting.

  • Visit our recipe section to find a variety of recipes that can be made using Hellmann’s Original and Light on this website. To add some extra spark to your cooking and get even better results, we recommend following the recipes and using the Hellmann’s variant mentioned. Did you know Chocolate Brownies can be made using Hellmann’s Original Mayonnaise?
  • When you choose to add Hellmann’s Original Mayonnaise to your Chocolate Brownie recipe, it will bring out the flavour of the chocolate, without the mayonnaise taste. If you follow the recipe exactly, your brownie will stay firm, and be crispy on the outside and soft in the centre.
  • To make our mayonnaise, we select only high quality ingredients. Hellmann’s Mayonnaise is made from vegetable oils, barn eggs, lemon juice, vinegar, water and a pinch of salt. We mix the ingredients together into a creamy, tasty blend to create the perfect ingredient to add taste and texture to your recipes.
  • One serving of a tablespoon (15ml) of Hellmann’s Original Mayonnaise, contains approximately 382kJ’s, which represents 5% of your daily energy needs. One serving of Light Mayonnaise (15ml) contains fewer kilojoules (144kJ’s) and is about 2% of your daily calorie intake.
    *based on a woman's guideline daily amount.

  • One level tablespoon (15ml) is fine. Try it on salads, or instead of butter on a baked potato. Better still, have a go at making some of our delicious Hellmann's recipes.
  • Our products contain delicious flavour, so there is no need to add extra salt to your meal. Hellmann's Original Mayonnaise serves approximately 0.1 grams of salt per tablespoon (15ml) and therefore provides 3% of the GDA (guideline daily amounts) of sodium/salt.
  • The eggs used in our Hellmann's Lite Mayonnaise are 100% responsibly sourced. While we responsibly source 50% of the eggs used in our Hellmann's Original Mayonnaise. We are concerned about animal welfare and producing great products made with quality ingredients.
  • No. There is only a very small amount of egg in a serving (15ml tablespoon) of Original Mayonnaise (less than half an egg per 250 ml Mayonnaise). Furthermore, it has been scientifically proven that dietary cholesterol (contained in eggs) hardly effects blood cholesterol.
  • Omega-3 fats are good fats which can be found in vegetable oils. Hellmann’s Mayonnaise is made from soybean oil and contains important amounts of essential Omega-3.
  • Every jar of mayonnaise has a ‘use-by’ and expiration date on it, and information on how to store our products, and what their shelf life is. These details indicate when you should eat the mayonnaise by. If the product should be past that date, then throw it away. Hellmann’s Mayonnaise can be stored at room temperature before opening but once opened you should be kept in the fridge.
  • Mayonnaise is made from eggs, vegetable oils, vinegar and seasoning. So, it’s fine to eat, if you eat eggs.