Desserts to bake with your bestie

If there’s one thing that will secure a bonding session with your bestie, it’s baking. Just think of it for a second…

If you’re baking something as amazing as mayonnaise brownies, you’ll get to spend some quality time with your best friend and share a treat afterwards. To commemorate International Best Friends Day on 8 June, make that baking date now. After all, friends who bake together stay together!

Posh brownies

According to Medical News Today, eating chocolate could lower cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of cardiovascular problems. Now that we’ve won you over, you have to try our legendary posh brownies. It’s made with rich Hellmann’s mayonnaise and, yes you guessed it, chocolate! You can tweak this recipe as you prefer. Substitute the walnuts with pecan nuts, roasted almonds, marshmallows or even smarties (which the kids will love). They’ll be gobbled up before you can count how many brownies you actually baked.  

American Pancakes

Make them for brunch or as a snack before you watch your favourite movies together. Everyone enjoys a delicious pancake straight from the pan. Just make sure you add original or light mayonnaise to the batter for extra creaminess. They’re super easy to make and you can go crazy with your toppings - from strawberries to chunks of chocolate, the list is endless. Maple syrup is, of course the classic! See the quick and easy recipe for American pancakes

Blueberry muffins

You cannot go wrong with this muffin recipe. Ours includes Original Mayonnaise, so they’re super-soft and stay extra moist. Now, get your blueberries ready, a few spoonfuls of creamy mayo and you’re halfway to making what could be the best muffins you’ve ever tasted. Up for the challenge? Aaaand, go! See the full recipe here

Luxury Carrot Cake

Who knew cake and carrots could make such a winning combination? The cream cheese frosting adds delicious flavour and the rich mayonnaise definitely sets it apart from other recipes. Add walnuts to the batter and your carrot cake goes from delicious to EXTRAordinary. Find the full recipe here

Tell your bestie, it’s baking time!