Mmm, fabulous fish! Time to prepare your snoek braai

Who doesn’t love a lekker braai with family and friends? Once the coals are ready and the easy potato salad has been placed to chill in the fridge, the ice-cold beverages come out and you’re in for the braai of your life!

And now, for the best part - drum roll please! - the centre point that MAKES the braai. A great snoek.

Snoek is always absolutely delicious. But prepared over hot coals it’s simply irresistible. Just make sure you follow protocol:

Clean it

If it wasn’t cleaned when you bought it, cut off the head and tail and rinse thoroughly under cold, running water. Then dry it by blotting with a clean dishcloth or some kitchen paper towels.

Extra tip: You could also rub the snoek with coarse salt as the salt will absorb the water. Just be careful of adding more salt during cooking as the snoek may already have been salted.

Get the sauce right

Add even more flavour to your fish. A South African favourite is apricot jam and garlic. Sauté 100 ml butter and 4 chopped garlic cloves over medium heat until soft. Add 150 g apricot jam and the juice of 1 lemon and melt together.  This will be your basting sauce when you’re braaing the snoek.

Prep the snoek

Score the snoek horizontally, but make sure you don’t cut it all the way through. Snoek is most often braaied spread openly. Before placing on the grill, rub the grill and the outside of the snoek generously with olive oil so that they do not stick together. Add salt and pepper to the flesh before placing on the braai.

Don’t cook too long

Unlike other braai meat, fish cooks much quicker. Cook it for about 15 minutes with foil and cook for about 10 minutes, skin-side down, without foil. If you’re braaing without foil, watch that the snoek does not burn. Always keep your eye on it, turn it often and regularly brush the skin with your basting sauce to keep it moist.

Additional tips

  • You can baste your snoek with the garlic and jam mixture as often as you wish.
  • Undercook the snoek slightly to avoid it from drying out. After removing the fish from the heat, let it rest for 5 minutes so the fish continues to cook.

Now serve with a side of baked sweet potato and our favourite Unwind Waldorf Salad. It’s delicious and best enjoyed when topped with walnuts and coated with yummy Hellmann’s mayonnaise.

So, fish braai at your place, or ours?