Plan your week around these easy lunchbox ideas

"Hey, honey, what’s for lunch?" – you know the question…And, by now, you are probably starting to run out of lunchbox-meal ideas for work and school. As if prepping dinner meals for the coming week isn’t brain-wracking enough!

But don’t worry, all you need is Hellmann’s for inspiration in your kitchen and the compliments will start flooding in along with the empty lunch boxes.


VIP Sandwich

Skip the regular ham and cheese sandwich. All you need to prepare ahead of time is a packet of bacon, 4 cooked chicken breasts, wash 4 lettuce leafs and two small tomatoes. Add 8 slices of bread and you’re ready to assemble the sandwiches. Spread each slice of bread generously with mayonnaise. Then season and layer the ingredients on four slices of bread and cover with the other slices. You’ll be asked to make this sandwich more often. Also see how to make the perfect VIP sandwich.


Laid back gammon

After a long day of work, we just want to lie back and relax, right? Well, that’s definitely something you’ll be able to do after making this laid back gammon sandwich. Why? Because it takes only 5 minutes to prepare! Just buy some cooked gammon, cheddar cheese and French baguettes. Add a teaspoon of mustard to 4 tablespoons of Original mayonnaise and spread over gammon! See a similar full recipe here


Fresh falafel balls

The secret to this tasty meal is definitely in the sauce. Buy some ready made falafel balls or make your own on the weekend. Then mix 6 generous tablespoons of mayo with 1- 2 teaspoons of hot sauce and half a teaspoon of sugar. Pour over your readymade fresh falafel balls. Yum! See the full recipe here


Creamy Caesar Salad with Chicken

If you decide to make this salad for dinner, double or triple the ingredients so that there are leftovers for the next day. And make sure you have plenty of light mayonnaise around. Take a look at the full creamy caesar salad with chicken recipe. Super healthy, quick and easy! 


Crunchy chicken burger

Who can resist burger Fridays? A crunchy chicken burger is sure to do the trick to those growling stomachs. The best thing about this burger is that if you crumb the chicken breasts yourself with cornflakes and breadcrumbs, double brownie points for you! See how to make the mouthwatering crunchy chicken burger recipe.

Now there’s no need for the family to ‘forget’ to eat their lunch. With these yummy ideas, lunch might not even make it until lunchtime!