Our Top 5 burgers that will win you an OMG! from your peers

Making a burger is easy, but perfecting it can be a bit of a task.

We all love a good burger but in order to make it great, it needs to pack a punch. Whether it’s mixing up the proteins, adding some spicy mayonnaise, or experimenting with flavour combinations, let’s take your burger from good to absolutely irresistible.

What most people don’t tell you is that there is often a secret ingredient to every great recipe. And our secret is: Hellmann’s mayo.

Here are our top 5 burger recipes (in no particular order) you and your peers will never get enough of:

  1. Hellmann’s Surf `n Turf Burger.
    If you love prawns and a chunky beef fillet tickles your fancy too, then why not have both? The surf and turf burger is a Hellmann’s classic and is perfect to serve if you want to ‘wow’ your guests. The ingredients are pretty simple so you don’t need to spend hours trying to source them.

  2. Veggie Potato Burger
    Make your meal vegetarian friendly by opting for veggies and potatoes in your burger. Ingredients such as bell peppers, mushrooms, walnuts and smoked salt are added for a mouthwatering experience. So, what more do you need for a flavour-packed burger?

  3. Mr Sunny side Up burger
    Those who love their eggs sunny side up will enjoy eating this burger too. You’ll need to make your own patties for this one. With hints of hot mustard, lime and red chilli, this is practically all you need for an ‘extra kick’ kind of burger.

  4. The Lamb Deluxe Burger
    With a name like that, it’s rather difficult to resist this burger. Add some cranberries, spinach and maple syrup and you’ve already created a unique flavor combination your guests will forever remember.

  5. Mr Shrimp Burger
    If you love your seafood, then you’ll love it even more on a hot dog bun. Add some avocado, garlic and sprigs of lemongrass and you have Bob as your uncle! After having this delicious burger, you’ll never look at shrimp the same way again.

Spice up your menu with these delicious Hellmann’s burgers. They’re bound to make you and your peers’ stomachs as happy as ever. Another way to get an OMG from your peers is by ditching the carbs and creating burgers without a bun.