How to prepare for National Braai Day

One thing that makes us truly South African is the way we love to braai or the way we can. Ask anyone what they’re doing for National Braai Day and they’ll tell you they’re either braaing or attending a braai.

Perfecting a braai is more than just having the correct tools. Patience is essential as well as a delicious marinade, made with Hellmann’s mayo to prevent your meat from drying out.

If you’re hosting a braai then there are many methods you should consider. Here are a few ideas:

  1. Get your marinade ready.
    Braai meat can scarcely exist without a marinade. So, marinade your meat preferably with your favourite spices and some original mayonnaise. Do this overnight, if possible.

  2. Stay away from a charcoal braai
    Many people opt for an easy option to start their braai using charcoal and firelighters. However, by braaing this way your meat is exposed to extreme heat which will ultimately cause your meat to burn at a faster pace while leaving it raw on the inside. Choose good quality wood instead for braaing to ensure your meat cooks thoroughly and at its required cooking time.

  3. Ensure your grill is hot
    Measure the intensity of your braai grill by placing your hand about 2-4 centimetres above it. If your hand becomes unbearably hot within 5 seconds, you are ready to add your first batch of meat. The perfect heat to braai on should exceed 150°C.

  4. Have your tongs ready
    A good burger-meister knows that tongs (not forks) are essential when turning over the meat. When you use forks, your meat is at risk of drying out, as regularly poking your meat will drain it of all the juices.

  5. Keep water at hand
    Flare ups happen way too often during braaing as a result of the fat from the meat dripping onto the coals. So, try to avoid your meat turning into biltong as much as possible, especially when you’ve marinated it with delicious mayonnaise. When the fire flares up onto your meat, dust it off with a bit of water or some beer. Do this carefully so you don’t put the fire out.

Now that you’ve got all preparations ready for a braai, ensure you top it off with good company, even better wine and delectable side dishes. Try adding uncommon sides to make them even more unique.

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