Say What? 4 cooking secrets for the best burger

Creating a juicy burger is not always as simple as it seems. You may get the flip wrong, add way too much seasoning or even form substandard patties.

Whatever your burger ‘weaknesses’ are, there are helpful tips and secrets for almost everything in this world – including the secret to a perfect burger.

So, get your apron on because these revelations will transform the way you create your burgers.

Here are a few burger secrets that will channel your inner burger master:

Secret #1

There is light at the end of the tunnel for dry burgers. If your burger patty is too dry for your liking and you’re just too afraid to re-heat it, for fear of it disintegrating; don’t be alarmed because there is a way to fix it. Add a generous serving of classic coleslaw, Hellmann’s mayonnaise or some pickles to your

burger to make it juicy. After your first bite your burger will be reinvigorated.

Secret #2

Preventing dry burgers is easier than you think and believe it or not it’s not in the way you fry them. Use less salt because this may be one of the reasons for a dry burger, it can also contribute to a crumbly patty. Using meat with a higher fat content and some oyster sauce will help your patty retain its juiciness. 

Secret #3

The secret’s in the grill. Try Seasoning the grill before you start cooking. When you’re grilling or braaing your meat, it’s common to overlook the importance of seasoning the grill. Simply season the cooking surface with salt and pepper and your patties will grill just the way you want them too, packed full of flavour!

Secret #4

Your burger still cooks after being on the grill. Remove the burgers from the heat before they are completely cooked and allow them to lie on the grid for half the cooking time. This encourages all the juice of the patty to get reabsorbed. It makes for a more delicious burger, try it! Be sure to add your favourite toppings with generous amounts of Hellmann’s mayo.

There’s more to perfecting the art of creating a burger than meets the eye. As much as discerning the appropriate temperature is important, preventing a dry burger is just as critical. For more epic recipes or if you simply want a great burger recipe click the link here.