Mayonnaise is not as one-dimensional as you think

We’re sure that by now you’d have already tried our mayonnaise brownies, however there are other uses for mayo that you may not even have thought about. Apart from easing sunburns, moisturising skin and hair, and removing a stubborn ring from your finger and crayon marks off your walls, mayonnaise is pretty useful in the kitchen too.

At Hellmann’s, we’re all about being innovative and creative in the kitchen. So while you have your jar of mayo in the fridge, treat it like a gem because it will come in handy when you need it most.

Here are a few recipe ideas you can make using mayonnaise:

  1. Add a bit of thickness to your sauce.

    Using butter and flour or the usual corn flour and water paste to thicken your sauce may alter its taste, especially if you’re making a garlic or even a regular white sauce. Adding a tablespoon of mayonnaise will not only thicken your sauce, but it will also ensure that it does not affect the taste of the sauce because of its low acidity level. The creaminess of the mayo will add a soft, velvety texture to your sauce.
  1. No butter, no problem.

    If you’ve just run out of butter, do not fret. Mayonnaise is a perfect butter substitute especially if you’re making grilled sandwiches. When making a grilled cheese sandwich, spread the bread evenly with Hellmann’s Mayonnaise instead of butter. It doesn’t burn as easily as butter and will add a rich flavour to your sandwich. You’ll never want to use butter when making a grilled sandwich ever again!
  1. Mayo makes an epic salad dressing.

    Adding mayonnaise to a potato salad or classic coleslaw is mandatory, but we challenge you to think beyond the ordinary. Think: salad dressing. With a dollop of mayo, a teaspoon of vinegar and Italian herbs, you would have a tasty salad dressing to pour over your green salad.
  1. Sauce it Up!

    Roasting veggies or grilling them on the braai? Then skip the usual butter sauce and make something equally delicious that’s out of the ordinary. Combining mayo with sour cream, cheese and taco or chilli seasoning will give you a mouth-watering sauce to use to baste your corn or add to your veggies. This is also perfect as a chip dip.

Mayonnaise has plenty of great benefits that are useful particularly in the kitchen. Ensure you always have a jar stored in your cupboard – you never know when you may crave for a delicious grilled cheese sandwich.