How to flavour your burger like a pro

Have you ever bought a basting sauce that you were not entirely satisfied with? It does happen. What is highly recommended by someone else may not be as appealing to you.

You may be familiar with basting steaks, chicken, turkey and other proteins but have you ever tried basting a burger patty? If you’re a fan of our delicious range of burgers, you already know that adding Hellmann’s is the best way to make your Surf `n Turf Burger perfect.

So why should you consider basting? Basting meat enhances flavour and keeps your protein from drying out.

If you’re a stranger to the art of basting, Hellmann’s will be your guide! We’ve already given you the best with our delicious Hellmann’s mayonnaise but we’re also going to give you some great tips on how you can baste your burger like a pro!

Pretty soon your group of friends will be calling you the Ultimate Burger Master.

Tip 1: There are three main kinds of flavouring; dry rubbing, liquid basting and marinating. Before you start, you need to decide which method you would prefer to use.

  • When dry rubbing your meat, you can include dry spices, herbs and even pantry staples such as Italian herbs, paprika, onion and garlic powder, cumin and even brown sugar. Ensure you coat the burger thoroughly with these spices before frying them.

  • If you prefer liquid basting your burger, then ensure you combine the right flavours to create the perfect taste. Melted butter or homemade barbeque sauce are great for basting burgers. After every 5-10 minutes, flip the burgers onto the opposite side and baste them, using a basting brush, with your favourite sauce. If you are making your burgers in the oven, remove them from the oven in regular intervals and add your basting sauce before placing them back into the oven. Avoid basting the burgers with the oven door open as the heat will get lost and may alter the outcome of your burgers. Try not to start the burgers in a basting sauce as they will boil rather than grill or bake.

  • If you’re looking for a simple way of marinating your burger, mix apple cider vinegar, oil of your choice, barbeque spice and pepper together. You could also substitute apple cider vinegar with balsamic vinegar if you prefer. Creativity is essential when making a great marinade from scratch. So add your mixture of olive oil, cayenne pepper, chilli powder and cumin or lemon juice and pepper as a marinade.

Tip 2: Choose a variety of flavours that complements the kind of burger you’re making. If you’re making the Ultimate Juicy Burger you should make a flavouring that contains barbeque spice or sauce. However, if you’re having a Veggie Potato Burger, a lemon and herb marinade would be ideal.

Give your burgers the extra wow factor by making them from scratch, and basting them like the pro you know you are!

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