Bargaining chips: making the perfect golden French fry

It’s time to say goodbye to those pale, dry French fries from the freezer section when doing grocery shopping. Follow Hellmann's tips for the perfect golden french fry.

They may be simple but they definitely don’t compare to crispy, golden, pillow-centred French fries straight out of the fryer that is paired with a delicious Unwind Waldolf Salad using Hellmann’s mayo.

A delicious Surf `n Turf burger is rather incomplete without a generous scoop of crispy homemade fries.

When it comes to making the perfect potato chip, it’s all about having patience and putting in the effort. From the temperature of the oil and your choice of potato, to the perfect cut; it’s all in the detail.

If you are ready to take the DIY route, here are a few tips you should consider.

  • Choose the right potatoes.
    Choosing the right produce is imperative when it comes to getting the perfect fry; any old potato just won’t ‘cut it.’ Do some research on potatoes and consider the options. Potatoes such as Russet, Red Bliss and Yukon Gold are ideal for getting that textbook chip.
  • Make the cut.
    In order for your fries to be perfect, they first have to look the part. Whether you prefer your fries peeled or with skin on, a seamless slice makes all the difference. Peel your potatoes or wash them if you prefer to leave the skin on, and then cut them into slices. Choose your thickness according to your preference.
  • Give them a soak.
    Soak your sliced potatoes in cold water for about 30 minutes. This will help to remove excess starch. Ensure your potatoes are completely dry by blotting them before frying.
  • Don’t be scared to bring on the heat.
    It’s not exactly easy to estimate what the temperature of the oil is before adding your fries. Try to get your oil to around 160°C so that your chips cook through. When the fries are soft, increase the temperature to about 190°C until they’re crispy and golden brown. When they are ready, shake them in a paper bag or dab them with a paper towel to remove excess oil.
  • Spice makes everything nice.
    Top your chips with your favourite seasoning. From fine salt, ground cumin to brown vinegar. Finally complete your meal with a good helping of Hellmann’s Original Mayonnaise for dipping.

They say nothing in life is perfect but we think enjoying a great homemade French fry is pretty close. Here’s to banishing insipid frozen chips for the real deal!

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