7 Ways to Bin the Bun

Almost everybody follows a healthy eating plan these days – even if it only lasts for about two weeks or so. From the Banting, to the Mediterranean, Paleo, vegan and the clean eating diet, we won’t blame you if you’re as confused as we are when it comes to choosing the correct eating plan. The only thing we know is that bread seems to be our enemy (for now) and that we all need to get creative on how we can avoid this glorious carb.

But what about hamburgers? Well, we know just how you can still enjoy a succulent Lamb Deluxe Burger while working on your abs – even if they seem slightly non-existent for now.

Here are 7 ideas in which you can use to make hamburgers without bread:

  1. Stack your burger with some healthy and delicious egg-plant (or aubergine if you want to get fancy). Grill them in the oven and Bob’s your uncle!
  2. Sweet potatoes are underrated but have become more popular over the last couple of months as a “good carb.” Slice them with their skin on and add a sweet and sour filling. You could even use them to make mini burgers.
  3. Mushrooms, especially Portobello mushrooms make a healthy alternative and taste great. Whether you opt for large mushrooms to make big, juicy hamburgers or small ones as a snack, the choice is yours. Grill them in the oven and simply add your fillings.
  4. Tomatoes are eaten on a bun anyway and have many proven health benefits. They protect your skin from sun damage and prevent skin aging. That should be a good enough reason to use them as an alternative. Cut them in half and grill them. Ensure you remove the seeds so that they don’t become too messy.
  5. There’s no such thing as eating too much bacon which is why fried bacon is a perfect substitute – especially on the days you require some ‘comfort food.’ Bookend your burger with bacon and add even more bacon to your filling if you wish. Try doing this with your Bacon and Avocado Burger
  6. If your eating plan involves pasta then you’ll love macaroni and cheese as a bun. Mac and cheese buns are easy and quick to make, so being pressed for time should never be used as an excuse. If you’re following a strict diet and perhaps looking for a something to indulge in on your cheat day, then mac and cheese buns would be the answer. Coat the mac and cheese in breadcrumbs, press them into a patty before deep-frying and taste the perfection.
  7. Thai sticky rice. Gluten-free? Check. In need of carbs? Check. Thai sticky rice is perfect for you if you’re looking to trying something new. They’re also simple to make and might just cause you to fall in love with rice all over again.

Which hamburger without a bun do you plan on trying next? Embrace your creativity in the kitchen and allow yourself to step out of your comfort zone with these awesome bunless hamburger ideas.

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