Summer Burger Top Tips

An uninspired griller’s burger flipping skills are about to get rocked.  #RockYourBurger

Tip 1 
The first thing you should do is choose cuts of meat you want to deal with. Chuck or some sirloin minced up are always a great choice for a rocking burger patty. 

Tip 2
The second thing you can do is loosely form the patty -  dont bind it too tightly. Then as you put it on the grill thats when to press it down. Dont forget to add your Hellmann's Mayonnaise. 


Tip 3
Toast your buns, adding a little bit of crunch to the buns is pretty nice and really elevates your mood and lifts your food.

Tip 4
Instead of using one cheese, we suggest using a combination of mozzarella and a cheddar cheese. By adding some Hellmann's Mayonnaise the smooth and creamy texture will come through.


Tip 5
A little bit of garlic powder brings out all the flavours and dont forget some onions, cumin and a little paprika - and now you are on your way to having the most amazing rocking burger. 

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